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Fees + Membership Costs

Costs - Training Fees

Eastway Jiu-jitsu club provides adult training in traditional Jiu-jitsu and MMA at different venues and dojos.  We offer flexible payment schemes depending on how often you wish to train and in which styles.  The scheme is designed to encourage regular training across all styles.  Discounts are available for children, students in full time education, and those out of work. 
Prices vary from the flexible "train when you like" option where you simply pay on the day to train for a single session, to the full discount option where you pay up front for a fixed period.

The more you train the less you pay per class!
Please note that the prices shown here are for the traditional Jiu-Jitsu classes which are 1.5++ hours.


  Adults £12 (pay on the day) for a single class

  Adults £48 (pay up front) for 6 week period = £8 per class = BEST DEAL

  Adults £36 (pay up front) for 4 week period = £9 per class


Costs - Club Membership and Insurance

All students are expected to join Jiu-Jitsu International whose membership includes insurance. 
After the initial introduction period all Jiu-jitsu students (not MMA students) are expected to wear the Jiu-jitsu club uniform which is the white Jiu-Jitsu International Gi (which can be obtained from the Instructor) and attach the Eastway Jiu Jitsu club badge.
Students may source their own plain white Gi themselves and simply attach the two club badges (for Eastway JiuJitsu club and Jiu-jitsu International).

Initial Membership (due after the six week introduction)        £25.00
(includes membership of Eastway Jiu-jitsu club)
(includes annual membership of Jiu-jitsu International)
(includes insurance through Jiu-jitsu International membership)
(includes Jiu-jitsu International Membership book, 2 passport photos required)

Annual Membership Renewal                                                     £20.00
(includes membership of Eastway Jiu-jitsu club)
(includes annual membership of Jiu-jitsu International)
(includes insurance through Jiu-jitsu International membership)

Extras:  (these prices are subject to change)
Jiu-jitsu International Gi (adult uniform)                                 £60-65.00
(prices may vary depending on weight of material, size, etc.)
Club embroidered badges                                                          £5.00 each
(discount price of £4 each for two or more badges)

Club Merchandise is also available including
Eastway Jiu Jitsu club T-shirt (printed)                                             £15
Eastway Jiu Jitsu club sweatshirt/hoodie/zip up (embroidered)           £50

Eastway Jiu-jitsu club is affiliated to Jiu-jitsu International www.jiu-jitsu-international.de
       Our two club badges.

Gradings and Grading Fees

Gradings are conducted by one or more senior Jiu-Jitsu International instructor(s) and may take place in the Eastway Jiu-jitsu club dojo(s) or sometimes at other local JJI club locations.  Students from several clubs are often graded togther.

There is an extra charge for gradings in addition to the normal dojo training fee.

The Grading fees includes your examination by the senior instructor(s), and if successful your Jiu-jitsu International grading certificate, a new belt, grading stamps in your license, and registering your grading with Jiu-jitsu International.
Grading fees start at £20 (for Yellow) then increase by £5 up through the Kyu (colour grades) so orange will be £25, green £30, etc.

There may be other charges or costs if gradings are held at other clubs.

Once you have joined Eastway Jiu Jitsu club and started your training you will be given access to the private syllabus videos by Jiu-jitsu International.

Yellow belt starts at 12:14, Orange 21:54 Green 27:46

Blue belt starts at 02:38, Purple 14:32, Brown 26:13, Black 39:31


New Member Introduction Bonus

The NEW MEMBER INTRODUCTION BONUS is available to all club members who introduce their friends or colleagues to the club.  You will get a free bonus class for each friend who completes their initial introduction period (= 6 paid classes) and becomes a member of Eastway JiuJitsu club and Jiu-jitsu International. 
You will get additional bonuses classes for every subsequent grading your friends achieve.
To qualify all friends you introduce to the club must be registered with the club instructor in advance.

Costs - Private Lessons, Group Classes and Structured Lessons

As well as training at our local clubs...
Eastway Jiu-jitsu offers tailored programmes of martial arts training, jiu-jitsu private lessons and special courses to schools, private individuals, professionals, groups, corporates, and businesses. 
Our courses include self defence for women and separate women only classes can be arranged (with female only instructors if preferred). 
These programmes can be provided at a time and place to suit the client at your workplace, local gym, home or other suitable venue.  
Beginners start with low impact training designed for each individual or group according to age, experience, strength, and physical fitness levels, to ensure safe and enjoyable learning.

After discussing with you your requirement and objectives we will then provide a proposal for a Programme of Instruction based on the type of training, number and age of  students, course time, duration and frequency, number of instructors and equipment required, location, etc.

Contact Sensei Richard King by email / text / phone
 UK(+44)  07884233477     kingsonline@hotmail.com

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